We Deliver Fast food or pick up the food from the restaurant of you choice. Restaurants included are McDonalds, Wendys , Burgerking , Nandos and more. Delivery available based upon requested store hours.

Where we deliver
» Motels » Hotels » Factories
» Schools » Recreation Centers » Homes
One day notice is asked for when catering for parties.
For Break fast

A&W, white spot, McDonalds, etc can be delivered to your front door

For Lunch

Feel free to order from any open restaurant Pizza or Lasagna can be delivered at a discounted price.

Lunch special

One large Pizza with 2 toppings and can of coke for $13 (cash only) - (Minimum 4
Pizza order).

From 6 am to 12 pm. We will deliver when
most of the other restaurants are closed.

Other delivery

Medication , smokes - Laundry Pickup and drop off & other small Item delivery & pick up.


Delivery charges
$10 (cash only) for one stop shop and two Items at most. Time- give us 40 minutes to deliver it to you.
Step 1: Choose a Restaurant
Step 2: Select your food
Step 3: Order your food
Step 4: In few min. your order will be delivered to your door steps...
* We will deliver the food late night when most of the other restaurants are closed. ( From 6 am to 12 pm )                                                In 40 minutes we will deliver your order at your door step