We Deliver Fast food or pick up the food from the restaurant of you choice. Restaurants included are McDonalds, Wendys , Burgerking , Nandos and more. Delivery available based upon requested store hours.
pizza delivery laundry pick up/drop off Feel free to order from any open restaurant Pizza or Lasagna can be delivered at a discounted price.

We do your errands for you.

Other delivery

Medication, smokes - laundry pickup/drop off and other small Item delivery and pick up charges are $12 - $15 depending on Payment and Distance (Cash or Debit Card only) for one stop pickups with two Items at most.


Give us 40 minutes to deliver it to you.

we delivery to motels, schools, hotels, recreation centers, factories, homes.  
Step 1: Choose a Restaurant
Step 2: Select your food
Step 3: Order your food
Step 4: In few min. your order will be delivered to your door steps...
* We will deliver the food late night when most of the other restaurants are closed. ( From 6 am to 12 pm )                                                In 40 minutes we will deliver your order at your door step